Sterner Veterinary ClinicPet Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services

Experience excellent pet care in Ionia, MI, with excellent diagnostic and therapeutic services at Sterner Veterinary Clinic.

Dog ultrasound diagnosis being performed by vet

Precision Diagnostics, Compassionate Therapies

At Sterner Veterinary Clinic, we know the bond you share with your furry companions. Our clinic, located in Ionia, MI, strives to meet your pet’s needs. Our commitment goes deeper than just healing; it’s about compassionate and friendly care, specifically focused on the whole-being of your pet. 

Benefits of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services

At Sterner Veterinary Clinic, we understand that it can be stressful for pet owners when their beloved four-legged family member is not feeling their best. That’s why our team strives to ensure your pet gets the best possible care. We offer a range of diagnostics that help us determine what’s wrong with your furry friend – from ultrasound to blood work.

Ultrasound is a non-invasive diagnostic tool that uses sound waves to create an image of the interior of your pet’s body. It is commonly used to diagnose issues related to heart and liver conditions, bladder stones, tumors, and more. We always strive to ensure accuracy with our ultrasounds – our team of experienced professionals will ensure your pet receives the safest, most effective treatment.

At Sterner Veterinary Clinic, we also offer comprehensive blood work to help identify any underlying conditions or abnormalities in your pet’s organs and systems. Our team of dedicated veterinary professionals will analyze a sample of your pet’s blood, looking for signs of infection or other medical issues that can be treated with medication or surgery. Blood work is key to giving your pet the best care possible.

Finally, our team understands that diagnostics can be expensive – so we want to make sure that our patients have access to the best services at an affordable price. That’s why we offer affordable care for multiple examinations and tests, as well as various payment options. So if your pet requires more than one diagnostic procedure or test, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to helping you!