Sterner Veterinary Clinic

821 N. Jefferson St.
Ionia, MI 48846


Our surgical care package consists of:
·        Pre-anesthetic lab work as indicated (for an additional fee)
·        Pre-anesthetic exam by the Doctor.
·        Pre-anesthetic sedation and pain medication.
·        Anesthetic by injection.
·        Placement of an endotracheal tube for the administration of oxygen and gas anesthesia.
·        Multi-parameter patient monitors for heart rate, ECG, blood pressure, oxygen saturation, temperature, and respiration.
·        Circulating warm water blanket during surgery.
·        Body temperature monitoring during and after surgery.
·        Sterile surgery packs and procedure.
·        Post surgical recovery nurse.
·        I.V. fluids as indicated (for an additional fee)
·        All patients receive pain medication, customized to fit their needs while in hospitial. Pain meds are available to go home (for an additional fee).

No food should be given after 8:00 pm the night befor surgery, water is ok.

For further information or questions please contact us at 616-527-3320 or